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Established in 2013 LuQuam Thompson and Deandre Sutton created Dumb Jocks as a platform to showcase their creativity and lifestyle to the world.

Dumb Jocks is a brand based out of Tacoma Washington that offers creative, fun, and timeless goods. Sports brought these inner city youths together, but Sports isn't what defines them. Sports teaches a lot of life lesson and they apply these lessons everyday to reach success. Hence the "D" in Dumb Jocks is backwards for a reason. Dumb Jocks believe in the power of the Mind. Our minds help us overcome any obstacles in our way, hence the brain logos and patterns you see through out the brand. Dumb Jocks is lifestyle brand inspired by sports, music, news, and everyday life.


Slogans We Live By:

(WAGE) We All Gon Eat, Exceed Expectations, Rare Minds, Haters Never Win, (Bred Winner) Born to Lose Bred to Win


Isaiah Jimenez
Jonathan Payne
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